Writing an email to santa

Santa Claus, I almost forgot to add these comments! Tell Santa things like:

Writing an email to santa

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Getty Images As probably evidenced by the decreasing number of chocolates in your advent calendar, the days until Christmas are ticking down. With just weeks to go until the Dec. But have you written your letter to Santa Claus yet? Well, if you're a kid, leave the computer and get to work!

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If you're a parent, read on for tips on how to send mail to the big man — and receive a response. You can send a snail-mail letter through the United States Postal Service.

If you simply put a letter in the mail with an envelope labeled "Santa Claus, North Pole, Alaska," it will stay within your area. Postal workers and volunteers try to respond to the messages they get, so make sure to include a full return address.

If you're hoping to pen your own message back to your child, you can take advantage of the Postal Service's Letters From Santa program. Once your kid writes a letter to Santa, read it and then write a response from Saint Nicholas himself.

Put both letters into an envelope addressed to your young one, write Santa's return address and stick a stamp on it. Send it by Dec. Box 1, Santa Claus, IN Missed the deadline or can't find stamps?Writing letters is a fun, educational activity to do with young kids, and sitting down to write a letter to Santa, whether it is around the holidays or sometime mid-year, has the added bonus of inspiring additional creativity on the part of the little kids and of course a little on the part of the adults too.

Don’t call it a “Secret Santa” if what you’re really hosting is a White Elephant Gift Exchange. Similarly, be aware that Secret Santa is known as Kris Kringle in some places and Pollyanna in others. When in doubt, ask around to find out what terms are likely to be familiar to people.

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Email a Letter to Santa.

writing an email to santa

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Get Printable Coupon Bright Nights Adlib Bright Nights. More than 6, Canada Post volunteers, both staff, and retirees help the Jolly Old Elf with Canada Post's Write to Santa program.

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Every year, over a million children from all around the world, take advantage of the program by writing to Santa . You can do this by choosing one of our printable Santa Letter templates and writing a letter back to your child from Santa.

- Santa can confirm that he received their list. - Santa can answer the questions your child asked and repeat some very nice thing he heard about the child.

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