Write about egyptian civilization developed

An Explanation of Hieroglyphics Hieroglyphs, characters in any system of writing in which symbols represent objects such as tools, animals, or boats and ideas such as motion, time, and joy. The ancient Greeks first used the term hieroglyph meaning "sacred carving" to describe decorative characters carved on Egyptian monuments. The term is now mainly used to refer to the system of writing used by the ancient Egyptians. Archaeological discoveries suggest that Egyptian hieroglyphs may be the oldest form of writing.

Write about egyptian civilization developed

About years B. In the cuts, fine-grained layers were found, obviously brought to the sea with rivers whose sources were situated in temperate latitudes.

write about egyptian civilization developed

Image Credit Is it possible that the lost civilization of Atlantis is buried beneath the Ice of Antarctica? Antarctica and Atlantis are two words commonly used in the same phrase.

But while Plato was the first to write about the lost city-continent of Atlantis, its noteworthy to mention that many Native American legends are reminiscent of what Plato sustained in the distant past, reinforcing suspicion that Atlantis could have existed.

The legends of Native Americans come from different cultures separated by vast distances and isolated from one another. However, all of them tell a similar story of a once fallen civilization that existed in the distant past.

In Central America, this ancient culture lived in Aztlan.

write about egyptian civilization developed

According to legends, Aztlan was located to the south, on a white island and perished without warning as a result of natural catastrophic events. Image Credit It is said that after the catastrophic events, the survivors of Atlantis fled to different continents where their ancient civilization ultimately merged with others and disappeared.

Skeptics will rush to discredit any theory linking Atlantis to Antarctica mostly because Antarctica today is a completely inhospitable and frozen environment where civilizations could not flourish.

However, in remote antiquity most of Antarctica was hospitable. Proof of that is a number is enigmatic and ancient maps that depict the continent of Antarctica free of Ice. The most famous cartographical chart is without a doubt the famous Piri-Reis map, drawn by an admiral who served in the Navy of the Ancient Ottoman Empire.

This indicates clearly that whoever had the technology and ability to survey the continent of Antarctica must have done so thousands of years ago before the continent was frozen. But how can a continent located to the south be free of Ice?

What does this mean? Well… given the little we know about the life on our planet in the distant past, it is likely that people might have lived on this now, icy continent and developed as a society just like people did in Africa, Europe, and Asia. But how was this even possible?

Thanks to a scientific theory called crustal displacement. However, the theory of crustal displacement which expands the theory of continental drift, approximately every 40, years, the entire crust of our planet shifts as a single unit.

Many researchers believed that this happened the last time around 10, B. Today, Antarctica is composed of around ninety-eight percent ice which is over a kilometer thick.

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Even though it is uninhabitable today and only scientists venture out to Antarctica, in the distant past it might have been the perfect place for an ancient civilization to develop.

Interestingly, according to reports from Pravda. In the cuts, fine-grained layers were found, obviously brought to the sea with rivers whose sources were situated in temperate latitudes i. The samples were taken from three different locations. Also during the Byrd expedition of geologists made a rich discovery of fossils on the sides of Mount Weaver Lat.

In they identified two species of a tree fern called Glossopteris once common to southern continents Africa, South America, and Australia. Core samples taken from the Ross Sea during the Byrd expedition of shows glacial marine sediment from the present to years ago.

From 6, to 15, the sediment is fine-grained suggests an absence of ice from the area. Then there is a zone fine-grained sediment from 30, to 40, years ago, again suggesting that the area was ice free. From 40, toyears ago there are two zones of coarse and two zones of medium-grained texture.

While comparing the three samples, two of them show that the end of the temperate period and the beginning of the most recent glacial period started 6, years ago and the third just 1, years after that. So Antarctica has had recent period of temperate climate.

Source Source All of this points to the undeniable fact that sometime between the 4th and 12th millennium B. C, there was an extremely advanced civilization on Earth, with great knowledge of navigation, cartography, and astronomy.

Their technological advancements were way ahead of other cultures that would appear after them. And many people firmly believe that this civilization could have been Atlantis, and evidence of their existence will be found beneath the thick layers of ice that currently cover the continent of Antarctica.10 oldest Ancient civilization that had ever existed.

Mesopotamian Civilization, Indus Valley Civilization,Egyptian civilization are some oldest civilization. The Indus script (also known as the Harappan script) is a corpus of symbols produced by the Indus Valley Civilisation during the Kot Diji and Mature Harappan periods between and BCE.

Most inscriptions containing these symbols are extremely short, making it difficult to judge whether or not these symbols constituted a script used to record a language, or even symbolise a writing system. Egypt and Mesopotamia Compared. The Origins Of Civilizations. Edited By: Robert Guisepi.

Ancient Egypt. Besides Mesopotamia, a second civilization grew up in northeastern Africa, along the Nile. The Beer Archaeologist By analyzing ancient pottery, Patrick McGovern is resurrecting the libations that fueled civilization. Using the dating method of Dr.

W.D. Urry. from the Carnegie Institution in Washington D.C., scientists discovered that Antarctica’s rivers, sources of fine-dispersed deposits, were flowing as depicted on The Orontius Finaeus map, about 6, years ago. About years B. C., glacial sediments started to accumulate. Is it possible that the lost civilization of.

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