Strenght of women in indian novels

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Strenght of women in indian novels

Only recently have things changed and currently India has its first woman president. This domination has caused women to actually believe that they are indeed inferior to men.

But in stark contrast, to find women voicing their opinions, or acting against the norms of society does shock the average Indian because examples are few and far between.

Strenght of women in indian novels

Interestingly therefore, I was surprised to find that out of nine Indian novels that I read I found women with strong characters in six. The strength of these women can be categorized into three distinct groups with two books under each subdivision.

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The first category would consist of women with strong will powers, the second would describe women who fought against society and the final category would comprise of women who committed homicide.

She feels guilty and even more so, when the husband and the brother in law decide to charge the driver with the crime. When denied this opportunity she takes matters into her own hands. But in our next category, it is society that is doing wrong to a history professor.

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Fundamentalists storm protests against the helpless man and even ransack his office. His sole helper in his time of siege is the daughter of a family friend, Meena, who has broken a foot and is living with him, while his wife, Rekha, is away. They even share a romantic moment: Meena, a sweet and disturbing mixture of irony and inexperience.

Even though he foresees the havoc this girl will bring about on their sect, Chematiri agrees to educate the child. A beautiful Naboodiri Brahmin by birth she learns everything her master has to teach till she comes of age.

She is then married to man whose elder brother is unmarried. At first to her horror on her wedding night it is the elder brother who enters her chamber before the younger brother, who stands guard at the door, which is bolted from the outside.

The purpose of her birth was revealed to her in that moment. The Goddess of Revenge! She is another Femme Fatale that one comes across so often in literature.

At first he is looked upon as a friend who is about to die, but as the days pass a general hatred for the man seems to spread like a disease among the doctors. One night he is murdered, and while probing into his death, another innocent man, Tony, is murdered too.In Rachel Kushner's The Flamethrowers, a young woman named Reno is passionate about motorcycles and art, and moves to s New York from the West to pursue the latter.

'Hobby' is a luxury and a large majority of Indian cannot afford it. One have to spend great deal of time & money to acquire & develop a taste in any thing worth following. Unless your interviewer is a upper middle class snob (or idealist) it is safe to expect him to understand this reality. Suko, I am frequenting a gym where we are 75% women, I am pretty sure that pound for pound women are stronger in their legs, and I would also say if men and woman work out the same way, women are as strong as men, that is comparing men and women of similar sizes.

Little Women tells the story of four sisters growing up in poverty in Civil War-era New England.

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