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In doing all this, the SMU center has had a full-time staff of only four people. DataArts started there in as the Cultural Data Project, and byits data collection efforts had spread to 13 states. Zannie Voss, the founding director of NCAR, will head up the newly christened center, which is being given major support from Bloomberg Philanthropies as well as Dallas arts patrons. And by engaging in this together, we can collectively advance that goal in a much more effective way.

Smu writing center

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February 17, at 5: Vicki lingered until the school grounds were quiet and empty before starting the seven block walk home. Her sister Shirley usually accompanied her, but for two days now she had been sick and stayed home.

Guessing the right time to cross residential streets was tricky, especially the busy highway. Vicki stood by the stop sign hugging her lunchbox to her chest wishing she was invisible to the cars and trucks swooshing past.

Her heart pounded like it might jump right out of her chest.

Smu writing center

Vicki missed her friend Barbara where they lived in the Florida Smu writing center, but Hurricane Donna had destroyed their house and they had to move to Miami to live with Grandma while her Dad found work.

Hated the big brick school with no friends. A car slowed, came to a stop but Vicki kept her head down, hesitated too long, and the car drove off with a squeal of tires.

At last the coast was clear and she dashed across. Suddenly the deafening wail of a siren fractured the air. It might be a drill or maybe Cuba had launched a missile. The radio stations were listened to closely. Everyone knew if they were outside when the siren went off they were to find immediate shelter in the nearest home or building.

At school they practised getting under their desks. The lunchbox flew from her hand and burst open in the street scattering an apple core, wax paper with the remains of a sandwich, and a note from her teacher.

Her hands, elbows and knees slid painfully on the hot cement.

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Vicki scrambled to her feet, grabbed the contents of the lunchbox and ran. At the back door she turned the knob. She felt something warm and saw blood dribbling down her legs from the raw flesh of her knees. The palms of her hands were on fire from deep scrapes.

She pressed the doorbell again and again — heard its peal inside the house. She swiped at the tears leaving bloody streaks on her cheeks. Fear seized her lungs as she ran around to the veranda and tried the screen door.

It was locked too. She sank onto the steps hugging her wounded knees to her chest. Had everyone been captured by the Cubans? The eerie quiet had become as terrifying as the screaming of the hurricane winds last fall as they huddled together in a crawl space while the house broke apart around them.

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Vicki put her head down and sobbed. She looked up when Grandma, Shirley and her Mom came through the screen door on the veranda.

Her Mom shrieked when she saw the blood. We tried to get back before you came home. Grandma tucked a blanket around her. Shirley crouched down beside Vicki and handed her an iced tea.Documentation Center For configuration instructions, information on managing your email quota, or other frequently asked questions, please see the Email service page.



North Central Texas College is dedicated to student success and institutional excellence, affordable, quality education, stimulating learning environments to empower students, integrity, and innovation. by February Attorneys get training and spend countless hours sharpening the skills needed to prepare a winning appellate brief, closing argument, or summary judgment motion.

SMU's Office of National Fellowships helps SMU students and faculty to apply for external, nationally-competitive fellowships, scholarships and awards such as the Rhodes, Marshall, Fulbright, Mitchell, Truman, Goldwater, Udall, Guggenheim, and many others.

This collection is comprised of papers from Southern Methodist University history professor James Breeden on administration, academic, campus life, and athletic issues at SMU from the s through the early s.

Smu writing center

Most of the collection is made up of correspondence, meeting minutes, reports, and other papers related to university . Continuing & Professional Education | Office of the Provost Southern Methodist University PO Box | Dallas, Texas | |

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