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Unit 2 Develop an activity diagram based on the following narrative.

John and jacob inc online trading

Priscilla Mullins was the daughter of William Mullins, also a passenger on the Mayflower with his wife Alice and son Joseph. William, Alice, and Joseph all died in the terrible sickness and deprivation of the first winter in Plymouth.

Priscilla, who was probably still too young to be married, was orphaned, her only surviving kin her brother and sister in England. Poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow celebrated the story of how Priscilla attracted the attentions of the newly-widowed Captain Myles Standish, who asked his friend John Alden to propose on his behalf only to have Priscilla ask "Why don't you speak for yourself John?

The basic story was apparently handed down in the Alden family and published by John and Priscilla's great-great-grandson, Rev.

Timothy's facts are not always correct he was not born untilfifty years after John's deathand he embellishes in the typical style of his day, but his account of the famous courtship and description of John is as close to the original as we can get: Rose Standish, consort of captain Standish, departed this life, on the 29 of January, This circumstance is mentioned as an introduction to the following anecdote, which has been carefully handed down by tradition.

In a very short time after the decease of mrs. Standish, the captain was led to think, that, if he could obtain miss Priscilla Mullins, a daughter of mr. William Mullins, the breach in his family would be happily repaired.

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He, therefore, according to the custom of those times, sent to ask mr. Mullins' permission to visit his daughter. John Alden, the messenger, went and faithfully communicated the wishes of the captain.

The old gentleman did not object, as he might have done, on account of the recency of captain Standish's bereavement. He said it was perfectly agreeable to him, but the young lady must also be consulted. The damsel was then called into the room, and John Alden, who is said to have been a man of most excellent form with a fair and ruddy complexion, arose, and, in a very courteous and prepossessing manner, delivered his errand.

Miss Mullins listened with respectful attention, and at last, after a considerable pause, fixing her eyes upon him, with an open and pleasant countenance, said, prithee, John, why do you not speak for yourself? He blushed, and bowed, and took his leave, but with a look, which indicated more, than his diffidence would permit him otherwise to express.

However, he soon renewed his visit, and it was not long before their nuptials were celebrated in ample form.

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Obviously, in addition to the inevitable distortions of stories told and retold over the years, the Rev. Alden had already taken some poetic license with the family story before Longfellow took over.

There would have been very little time between the death of Rose Standish on January 29th and the death of William Mullins on February 21st, if all of this took place while Mullins was alive, and there is little chance even the flamboyant Captain Standish would have been courting Priscilla during those desperate months of sickness and starvation in the winter of A grain of truth probably exists in the family tradition, but most of the story that found it's way to Longfellow's poem is pure imagination.

The marriage date of John and Priscilla is also unknown. They were certainly married at Plymouth. The first was that of Edward Winslow and Susannah White in John Alden and Priscilla Mullins are likely the third.

By the division of cattle in Maythe Aldens had two children, Elizabeth and John. No birth records for any of the Alden children survive, but from the death record of Elizabeth Alden it appears she was born about and was the eldest child.

This places John and Priscilla's marriage about Since no birth or baptism for Priscilla has been found, we can only make a wild guess that she may have been about sixteen to eighteen inslightly too young to marry in the first year or two after she was orphaned.

William Bradford's account of the "Increasings and Decreasings" of the Mayflower passengers, written instates: Mullins and his wife, his son and his servant died the first winter. Only his daughter Priscilla survived, and married with John Alden, who are both living and have eleven children. And their eldest daughter is married and hath five children Bradford's History, ; MD, 1: Bradford's statement that she had eleven children and that her eldest daughter had five by is contradicted by his marginal tally of "15" beside the entry.

Eleven children plus five grandchildren should have been " If there were other children, they died unmarried and without heirs before John Alden's estate was settled.Auto Suggestions are available once you type at least 3 letters.

John and jacob inc online trading

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