Google glass essay

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Google glass essay

Programming Will Google, Inc. This glass will lead people into a new generation of high-tech products. However, how can Google make a successful release for Google glasses?

This will be related to the fate Google glass essay the entire Google company. Google is one of the best companies in the world now.

Most of these users are willing to seek information, gain knowledge, and be well acquainted with all that revolves around the environment they live in, which makes them potential buyers or at least followers of the new Project Glass.

On the other hand, a wearable computer or smartphone is a totally new market, so as the first company to step in, it is easy for Google to establish its leading position in this industry.

In order for Google glasses to be successful in the technological market, the glasses need to be safe, perfected, and advertised well.

Google glass essay

Google glass essay, Google glass is a special product as navigation tool. On October 31st, there was news about illegally wearing Google glasses while driving by a CNN report. After this report, Google had to prove its products are suitable for driving. According to media reports from CNN, a woman named Cecilia Abadie recently posted a traffic ticket through the social networking sites.

The police think she is not safe while driving with Google glasses. V C prohibits televisions and similar monitors from being turned on and facing the driver. There are exceptions for GPS and mapping tools and screens that display camera feeds to help the driver navigate.

Therefore, driving with Google Glass is legitimate or not is still inconclusive.

Google glass essay

In this regard, Abadie said the United States government has not defined the law very clearly because the glasses are less likely than the GPS navigation function or a smartphone to distract drivers.

Driving while wearing Google Glass is one of the most special functions for Google Glass. Consumers will not purchase a product that may cause wearers to get traffic tickets. People want something legal to use. People need Google to prove to the government and the public that Google Glass can be allowed on the road and safe for driving.

Even people think Google Glass is safe for using, Google company still should prove their new product to the U.


Secondly, wearing electronic product is not ready for people to use. The main reason people like to buy Google glasses is because people feel curious about a headphone. Google has already designed many generations of the Google Glass. So, Google has to make their products more and more prefect, and then Google can win the headphone market.

Precisely because Google has not been making products, it will not necessarily be good at the high-tech product developing area.

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In this area, Apple, Nokia and Samsung, are the most experienced three companies for developing the high-tech products in the world. Schiller who is a marketing manager in Apple. When these companies release a new product to the market, the technology of the second generation or third generation product has been studied very maturely.

The Google company is famous and good at web researching. Google is not good at these high-tech research and development of hardware products. As becoming from a network enterprise into a productive enterprise, Google is inexperienced about new high-tech production.

To be able to develop better products and has a broad market, the entire thing Google to do is establishing an evolving plan; Google should have studied Google Glass 2 or more already. Thirdly, the marketing plan that Google already did was not suitable for a new high-tech product at the beginning of its marketing strategy.

Google can learn something from Apple, and change their marketing plan as Apple did. It seldom produces hardware. So whether they can successfully make a qualified new-generation device is uncertain. Besides, due to technology reasons, the price of Project Glass must be very high the version that is available to developers in will cost dollars.

That can be the most important reason that keeps consumers from buying it. At the same time, being the first one also means lack of information and feedback from the market. According to the latest survey by Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University, the most people expressed no interest in buying Google Glass.

At the same time, many media companies have published a negative perception about Google glass. Google should be more confident about its products and ideas even if it is the first step to this new market. Creating a mysterious atmosphere to consumers before the product is released will achieve better sales just like Apple did when the iPhone came out.The story behind Google co-founder Sergey Brin’s liaison with Google Glass marketing manager Amanda Rosenberg—and his split from his wife, genetic-testing entrepreneur Anne Wojcicki— has a.

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With Google Glass, you can start recording information with a wink or a word, whereas a smartphone you need to hold it in your hand in a noticeable way.

Therefore, it is easy for a Google Glass wearer to perform unauthorized surveillance. The Googleplex is the corporate headquarters complex of Google and its parent company Alphabet is located at Amphitheatre Parkway in Mountain View, California, United States, near San Jose..

The original complex, with 2,, square feet (, m 2) of office space, is the company's second largest square footage assemblage of Google buildings, after Google. Harley-Davidson launches the all-new Softail cruiser line to much fanfare and ends the Dyna platform in the process.

What does this mean for Dyna fans in the future? Google Glass Google Glass is a small device tacked onto a pair of glasses. Google Glass lets you record what you’re seeing, view a heads-up display of information and has .

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