Go sushi case study

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Go sushi case study

Hire Writer This report analyzed and exposed the issues facing Go Sushi, a small franchised retail enterprise in the take away food industry. The information received is based on interviews with owner and innovator Lugging Birthplace, and research in to the external and Internal environment related to Go Sushi and the take away food Industry.

Go Sushi first opened as a sushi train In and a further 4 trains were opened In the next 6 years. The key business issues and challenges were then Identified.

It was found that most of the challenges of Go Sushi was related to franchisee issues Including the taking on of franchisees that did not have adequate business skills, being to generous with franchisees by taking them on when they may not have sufficient capital.

These issues led to the franchiser sacrificing royalties and assuming rent to prevent the loss of stores and keep the growth rate up. The other major issue identified is the lack of expansion into regional areas and in to a foreign market.

The external environment was analyzed and It was found that there Is still potential growth in the take away food industry, particularly when the franchise is health related as healthy take away is Go sushi case study more popular. It was also identified that there is some competitive advantage for Go Sushi due to the current hype of take away sushi popularity.

The Internal environment was analyzed and It was found that there are Issues relating to management and store operation from a managers perspective. Although the company has good physical and organizational resources, the human resources deed to be improved to gain the maximum potential of the company.

Short-term recommendations were made including the development of a relationship with a nation wide supplier to Improve buying power and Improving HER management through trailing to current under-performing managers.

Long-term recommendations were then made including the expansion in to regional areas to capitalize on a new market, merging with a beverage company to increase knowledge, capital and customer throughput, creating a system to ensure the correct selection of franchise purchasers and the expansion to a foreign market to increase profit, growth ND business knowledge ladle AT contents 1.

The report conducts a situational analysis of the business including its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats then discusses strategies to assist with future business expansion. The information in this report was gathered from research into the take away food industry and by conducting an interview with Lugging Birthplace, former owner and innovator of Go Sushi.

Birthplace re-wrote the business model in to increase profitability. This change consisted of changing the business from a sushi train to a takeaway cabinet sushi shop focused on healthy food in the take away food industry.

By there were 32 franchises in Australia. By putting sushi robots at the front of house in front of the display was another placement that drew in customers, as this was the authentic Japanese style.

Changing to cabinet sushi allowed the franchises to break the barrier in to shopping centers and by putting a western touch on the Asian food, the target market was increased. So by having a healthy take away option in food courts with limited options attracted customers.

Birthplace darted it in Birthplace believes that this is largely due to the business model. All this combined with the ability to adapt has ensured comfortable growth. International growth throughout Europe and Asia. Our commitment to detail, quality and service assures our customers a superior product which is consistent and of the highest quality.

This led to the issues of the franchiser having to assume rent and sacrifice royalty income payments during tough times in fear of losing stores to keep the business growing. Some franchisees also tried to take too much control of their stores fit outs, workability etc.

This led to disagreements and discomfort between the franchisee and franchiser. These issues make expanding difficult, as every store must be up to standard with other stores to ensure a positive brand and good relationships between management.

See appendix 2 for an in depth analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats using a SOOT analysis. These issues can affect both the firm and the industry in which it competes.

Although this incorporates all of the take away options including the leaders in the industry, it still means people are spending on take away food.

Articles like this show that there is current concerns about obesity in Australia meaning people will be more likely to turn to healthy fast food options such as Go Sushi. See Appendix 1 for more detailed information on the Supply Chain.

This means with more disposable income, people will spend more money on take away food. This may lead to people looking towards healthy options in takeaway foods which will benefit companies like Go Sushi and have negative effects on the less healthy competitors in the industry.

As well as indirect competitors like supermarkets, and eat in sushi trains, plus all the chains in between. The more direct competitors are other stores that focus on the healthy aspect of take away food.YO!

Sushi was founded in , by British entrepreneur Simon Woodroffe. The current owner is Mayfair Equity Partners and members of the YO! Sushi .

Go sushi case study

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Go Sushi Case Study Essay analyzed and exposed the issues facing Go Sushi, a small franchised retail enterprise in the take away food industry. The information received is based on interviews with owner and innovator Luigi Bertolacci, and research in to the external and internal environment related to Go Sushi and the take away food industry.

Parasitic illness is becoming more common in the West as the popularity of raw fish grows, say the authors of a new case study.

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