Fso meaning business plan

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Fso meaning business plan

What does a Foreign Service Officer do?

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Through their dedication, technical skills, and creativity, Foreign Service Officers FSOs drive American foreign policy towards its objectives of global peace, stability, and prosperity. USAID FSOs are responsible for developing and managing foreign assistance programs that encompass economic growth and trade, agriculture and the environment, education and training, democracy and governance, stabilization and conflict mitigation, global health, and humanitarian assistance.

USAID FSOs work in close partnership with the governments and people of more than countries in five regions of the world, a with private voluntary organizations, universities, private businesses, trade and professional associations, other donor governments, faith-based organizations, and other US government agencies.

They assess country needs, prepare strategic plans, design and evaluate programs, oversee budgets and contracts, and report on results. Foreign Service Officers are the core of our overseas mission staffing, working alongside locally hired and contracted personnel.

What is the Junior Officer Program? The JO program seeks the best-qualified professional candidates who are willing to make a long-term career commitment to the Foreign Service and international development.

JOs begin their careers in formal and job-based training programs in Washington, which may include foreign language training. After completion of Washington training, JOs are assigned to an overseas office and receive additional broad-based training.

The total JO training plan is approximately three years and, upon completion, candidates may tenure as Foreign Service Officers. What is the DLI?

fso meaning business plan

To become a Foreign Service Officer with USAID, candidates must complete an on-line application to an announced vacancy by the closing date of the announcement. Applications are first screened to ensure that candidates meet the basic qualifications for the specific vacancy, and then rated and rank ordered relative to the qualifications specified in the announcement.

The best-qualified applicants are requested to come to Washington for on-site assessment and undergo reference checks. Following notification of pre-employment selection, candidates enter pre-employment processing and must pass the following in order to be considered for an appointment into the Foreign Service: Background Investigation A comprehensive background investigation, conducted by USAID in cooperation with other federal, state, and local agencies, will provide the information necessary to determine a candidate's suitability for appointment to the Foreign Service and for a Top Secret security clearance.

The process considers such factors as: Government-guaranteed loan or meet tax obligations; failure to register for the Selective Service; past problems with credit or bankruptcy; unsatisfactory employment records; a criminal record or other violations of the law; drug or alcohol abuse; and less than honorable discharge from the armed forces.

The background investigation includes interviews with current and previous contacts, supervisors and coworkers.

Remarks and Statements

Candidates who do not receive a security clearance are ineligible for appointment. Potential candidates who have any serious issues that may prevent them from receiving a clearance should give some thought to the likelihood of their being found ineligible before starting this process.

Medical Clearance The Office of Medical Services of the Department of State determines a candidate's medical fitness and ability to serve overseas. Many Foreign Service posts are located in remote areas with extremely limited medical support; therefore, each candidate must meet rigorous medical standards in order to qualify for the required worldwide medical clearance.

All potential candidates, especially those with current or chronic medical conditions, should be aware of the possibility that they may not qualify for a worldwide medical clearance. Medical Services may be unable to issue a worldwide clearance to a candidate based on its determination that an individual's medical condition requires specialist monitoring or follow-up care unavailable at some Foreign Service postings, that service in a particular geographic area or climate would pose a significant medical risk to the individual, or that adequate emergency facilities for treating life-threatening complications of an individual's specific medical condition is not available at all posts.

While the candidate must be medically cleared for worldwide service, USAID does not consider the medical condition of eligible family members for pre-employment purposes. It does, however, require that each eligible family member have a medical clearance before they can travel overseas at U. Government expense when accompanying an employee on assignment.

Please note that employees with a family member who has been issued a limited medical clearance not worldwide may be assigned to posts where that family member cannot accompany them. For more information visit the link below. What is the screening process for Foreign Service positions and how long does it take?

Applications for Foreign Service positions are initially screened to ensure that candidates meet the basic qualifications for the specific vacancy announcement.

Applications passing the first screening are rated and rank ordered, relative to the qualifications specified in the announcement, by a Technical Panel composed of subject matters experts. The highest ranking applicants are requested to come to Washington D.

Upon completion of all the interviews, reference checks are undertaken and final selections are made. At this time the pre-employment procedures are initiated for selected candidates.

fso meaning business plan

Pre-employment procedures include the completion of security and medical clearances. From the time an applicant initially applies to entry on duty, the complete process can take from four months to a year or longer. No, we do not require a written Foreign Service exam.

Applications are accepted only for specific vacancy s when announced and posted.Controlled and Affiliated Service Group Rules for Retirement and Cafeteria Plans Overview This article presents an overview of the controlled group and affiliated service.


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