Financial terms and definitions essay

Nolo Contendere Money Laundering Money laundering is a term used to describe a scheme in which criminals try to disguise the identity, original ownership, and destination of money that they have obtained through criminal conduct. The laundering is done with the intention of making it seem that the proceeds have come from a legitimate source. A simpler definition of money laundering would be a series of financial transactions that are intended to transform ill-gotten gains into legitimate money or other assets.

Financial terms and definitions essay

Our definition Sustainability is the ability to continue a defined behavior indefinitely. For more practical detail the behavior you wish to continue indefinitely must be defined. Environmental sustainability is the ability to maintain rates of renewable resource harvest, pollution creation, and non-renewable resource depletion that can be continued indefinitely.

Economic sustainability is the ability to support a defined level of economic production indefinitely. Social sustainability is the ability of a social system, such as a country, to function at a defined level of social well being indefinitely.

A more complete definition of sustainability is thus environmental, economic, and social sustainability. This forms the goal of The Three Pillars of Sustainability. Why the popular definition of sustainability is flawed The above definition of sustainability goes against the norm.

The most popular definition of sustainability is that from the Brundtland Report ofwhich said: It contains within it two key concepts: The concept of 'needs', in particular the essential needs of the world's poor, to which overriding priority should be given; and The idea of limitations imposed by the state of technology and social organization on the environment's ability to meet present and future needs.

This caused the definition to be plagued by controversy from the day it was published.

Financial terms and definitions essay

The definition has also fallen into the trap of scope creep by including solving the global poverty problem. This and the promise of development were included to bring undeveloped countries on board.

Otherwise they were against solving what they perceived to be a problem created by developed countries. The poverty problem has existed for as long as Homo sapiens has. But the global environmental sustainability problem is new and threatens existence of our species.

But that just makes the sustainability problem worse, since the economic system is already unsustainable. Qualitative growth an increase in quality of life can be very sustainable. But quantitative growth economic growth cannot be sustainable once it passes its limit, which it already has.

Meanwhile, "development" means sales growth for Corporatis profitis. Sales growth means profit growth. Short term growth in profits at the price of long term degradation of the environment is just fine with large for-profit corporations.

After all, short term maximization of profits is their top goal. So the more corporations can push the Brundtland definition on the world, the higher their profits. Unfortunately, that also means the lower the sustainability of society's actions. Therefore the Brundtland definition is too flawed to use.

Here's the real surprise. Actually the Brundtland definition is not defining sustainability. It's defining sustainable development.

What quietly happened long ago was the world's problem solvers redefined sustainability as sustainable development and then defined that. But sustainable development is a solution. It is not the problem to solve. Thus the Brundtland definition is not only too flawed to use.

It has defined the wrong problem to solve. The right problem is the one in the definition at the top of this page.Financial Management: it’s Definition, Meaning and Objectives!


Definition: One needs money to make money. Finance is the life-blood of business and there must be a continuous flow of funds in and out of a business enterprise.

Definition Essay Topics on Love, Poetry, and Music Poetry and music are some of the essential forms of art we need to add ‘taste’ to our lives. Once you combine these two with love, you give yourself a life of comfort and high satisfaction.

A Explanation Of Different Financial Terms Finance Essay. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: banks and public depositors for raising funds on favourable terms. Cash Management. debentures are categorized into the following types and their definitions are also given below.

financial accounting and reporting nGAAP is subject to change as economic circumstances change. GENERALLY ACCEPTED ACCOUNTING PRINCIPLES n Must be used in the preparation of accounting records and financial statements GAMBIA 1-Accounting Principles and Definition of conceptual framework.

In financial reporting, a conceptual framework is a theory of accounting prepared by a standard-setting body against which practical problems can be tested objectively. A conceptual framework deals with fundamental financial reporting issues such as the objectives and users of financial statements, the.

Over 14, terms - a comprehensive online financial glossary that empowers individuals with the financial knowledge necessary to understand the basics of investments. This information comes from the world of banking and investing, providing users with thorough and reliable meanings to all the most common, and even uncommon, financial terms.

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