Extension english creative writing ideas

Compose a piece of original imaginative writing using a setting from one of your prescribed texts and incorporating these three terms:

Extension english creative writing ideas

Striding along their new evolutionary pathway, they made simple stone and metal tools, and all is good and well, until the human brain got a major circuit upgrade.


Crowded around a fire, they told stories, sang songs and wrote poetry, leaving their mark in world history. And it is exactly this creativity, this lasting impact, these ways of thinking upgrade that the English Extension 1 course requires of its participants.

As a standard, students are expected to write words! This extra time, and by extension no pun intended word limit, means a lot more is expected of students.

I mean, the same logic as Maths should follow, right? I wanted some security, especially with my creative. I admire and logical art form of Maths and Science! That being said, I do struggle with my creative side, especially with writing a word creative for English Extension 1.

This is the secret weapon to acing the imaginative writing section of the exam! Here are three easy ways you can use your English Extension 1 journal to ace your exam!

Extension english creative writing ideas

While I do not advocate the wastage of paper, for me, I need things in hard copy. I barely scraped a C in Year 8 Visual Art after breaking my clay teapot three times. But recent scientific studies have shown that simple artistic activities like colouring can help alleviate stress and the onset of numerous mental disorders.

The HSC is an extremely stressful year, and while we just need to grit our teeth and keep pushing on, we do need a take time off.

Step Be Artistic

For ourselves, for our family and our mental wellbeing. Let us never forget that our mental and physical wellbeing comes before the HSC. The journal, similarly to my bujo, provides me with this escape. After doing some structured study, I like to just work on some simple art pieces in my journal.

The brightly coloured writing amid nuclear hell is the hope and faith in humanity that kept humanity afloat within existential questioning and doubt in the purpose of humanity. The flowers represent two different aspects: The drooping flowers demonstrate the degradation of the natural world amidst exponential scientific and technological human advances e.

The single upright flower symbolises the resilience and source of escape humanity sought during the Cold War. I had a friend who drew skulls on the stems rather than flowers to represent the loss of hair and faith in humanity caused by the Hiroshima bombings.

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The dead bird is symbol of the human cost of the war. Since birds are often associated with freedom physical, social and belief-wisea dead bird clearly demonstrates the loss of them.

I hope you can see from this that a simple diagram that help consolidate your understanding of the module and let you have a little down time.

What could be better than that? Track Your Work I inherently find creative writing to be hard. I love science and maths. Things with definite solutions and logical reasoning appeals to me. English offers none of these securities. I really do question why I do this subject sometimes.

So being able to track my work and progress is reassuring. Within it, you can put:However, the creative component of the Extension 1 exam is unlike the English Advanced Area of Study creative writing task!

The English Extension 1 HSC exam . Apr 26,  · English Extension 2 was my favourite HSC subject. Having the freedom to explore creative ideas without the restraint of syllabus dot points was entirely refreshing. Nov 15,  · How to Write an English Extension Ways of Thinking Essay This will be the last of my ‘How to’ posts for English, as I’ve now covered creative writing, AOS, Mod A, Mod B and Mod C.

as the ideas that Extension One asks you to grapple with are often very complex and require much analysis. Oct 01,  · Compose a piece of original imaginative writing using a setting from one of your prescribed texts and incorporating these three terms: a wish, a message, solitude Your response should draw on your knowledge and understanding of the elective you have studied.

Before entering the exam room, prepare a loose plot outline that is flexible enough. To help you brainstorm, we put together this list of creative writing prompts to give you something to write about daily.

Extension english creative writing ideas

Whether you write short stories, poems, or like to keep a journal – these will stretch your imagination and give you some ideas for topics to . English (Extension 1) - Contains unread posts Contains no unread posts Hot thread with unread posts.

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