Economics 304 assignment

Please show all work or points will be taken off. In particular, the real world data suggests that average labor productivity is weakly pro-cyclical with the correlation between average labor productivity and output between 0.

Economics 304 assignment

Economics 304 assignment

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Consider the following short-run model of the economy: After years of quantitative easing, assume the Fed begins to worry about inflation and starts to move toward more contractionary monetary policy.

Describe in words how the FOMC would accomplish this and how the new policy will impact the price level, real GDP and unemployment both in the short and long run. Use an Yd-Ys diagram to support your explanation. The central bank would decrease the money supply by selling government securities bonds on the open market.

As a result, the price will decrease and so will production GDP. With a lower production level and a relatively smaller quantity of money to finance production, unemployment will increase.

What policy would you recommend to the President? Use an Yd-Ys diagram to support your recommendation. An increase in government spending or a decrease in taxes would have an expansionary effect on economic activity. Also, see your class notes. However, this means that a change in money supply as a result of monetary policy will cause a change in prices.

Money neutrality occurs when the change in prices matches the change in money supply, so that purchasing power and real variables remain unchanged.

ECON 304 Homework 1 Assignment Fall 2015

Also, one could apply the Taylor rule to prove the relationship between inflation and growth in Ms. Compare the effects of an increase in productivity, under the 2 models.

Use the notes and textbook.(70 POINTS total - 10 points each part) Another critically important real economic variable we consider in this homework assignment is the real interest rate. We learned that the real interest rate is the difference between nominal interest rates and inflation.

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Valid Excuses A major advantage of an online course is the flexibility it affords students for doing assignments. Economics Winter Assignment 1: Due date, Thursday February 7 in Class 1. Consider the following OLG model with money. Assume that the population of the economy grows at rate n such that Nt = nNt−1 for every period and n > 1 and money is also growing in this economy at the rate γ that is Mt = γMt−1, where γ > 1.

Prepare a short report dealing with your demographic and economic analysis. The report should be typed on 8 1/2 by 11 paper. The report is due on Wednesday, November Microeconomics Assignment Help, Economics , 1. Implicit and explicit revenues minus implicit and explicit costs equals: A.

Economics 304 assignment

accounting profit. B. economic profit. C. zero profit. D. implicit profit. 2. A business owner makes 50 items by hand in 6 hours. She could have earned $10 an hour work.

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