Bbc africa business report rwanda airlines

The activists have killed 38 law enforcement officers so far and set on fire many schools. With most of its reporters and sources from English speaking parts of Cameroon, the English broadcasting network had continually fed the world with fake, one-sided news, against French-speaking Cameroonians. It has lumped the impoverished French-speaking populations into the same bag with the opulent and repressive regime of President Paul Biya, an old man who has been in power for 36 years. In previous reports, the BBC had continually told the world that the well to do French-speaking populations were marginalizing the extremely impoverished English-speaking populations in Cameroon.

Bbc africa business report rwanda airlines

Printable version How easy is it to do business? According to the World Bank, African nations make it harder for entrepreneurs to succeed than other parts of the world, so why is it so difficult to start a business in Africa?

For example if you want to start a business in Mozambique, it takes days to register a business, with a total of 14 separate steps. But it isn't always so long-winded. Rwanda was singled out as among the biggest reformers in the past year. Are you trying to start a business?

bbc africa business report rwanda airlines

What problems are you currently facing? How do you maintain a successful business? Is it more difficult if you are a woman? Please send your business queries using the form. This debate is now closed. Thank you for your comments. If you are part of the government or if you support the government it is very easy to make business and become rich with in a short period of time.

Yonas, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia I had to bbc africa business report rwanda airlines several people to speed up the process.

Osengo Kapita, Kinshasa In the Congo, people from the Congolese diaspora are willing to go back to setup businesses but bureaucracy and corruption is stopping them.

M I went back to Kinshasa to register a company; it took me about three months to succeed. I had to bribe several people to speed up the process. To get a single piece of paper can take a week and you need around 16 of them.

I'm not even talking about the money I spent How can we expect to develop our country, our continent in these conditions?. They are not encouraging them, but they discourage it with all forms of taxes. In Port Harcourt, regardless of the size of a business the owner pays not less than fifteen different forms of direct taxes, which end up in the private pockets of individuals.

Pascal Maduekwe, Bournemouth, UK It would be easy to make business on the African continent if not for the nepotism, corruption and bribery which make it hard to make any development projects Michael Kayongo, Brisbane, Australia Means of communication in Africa is still primitive.

Doing business without easy access to telephone, internet could be daunting. In Ghana one has to wait for more than a year before being connected to a telephone line. It is therefore not easy to use credit cards or transact business by phone. It has been proven that Nigeria has the highest return on investments in the world.

Everywhere you look in Nigeria, you see countless business opportunities.

bbc africa business report rwanda airlines

Why do you think the Indians, Lebanese, Chinese, and other nationals are settling in the thousands in Nigeria? They have certainly seen something which we as Nigerians have refused to see either due to our short-sightedness, lack of imagination or get-rich-quick attitude.

In RSA, it has been made very easy to start a business with the view of fostering more self employment. Access to money is key, hence the importance for micro-lending and orientation on how to go about things like tax filing, name registration etc.

Its actually very easy in SA and anyone will tell you, the doors are wide open to anyone with an idea and a will to make it happen!

Brian Joubert, Pretoria, South Africa Business owners are forced to declare false turnover and earnings bringing about corruption Israel Ambe Ayongwa, Bamenda Crippling taxes in Cameroon do not favour business to take place effectively. Perpetual tax hikes are a stumbling block to business growth and with this, business owners are forced to declare false turnover and earnings bringing about corruption.

Israel Ambe Ayongwa, Bamenda, Cameroon It is very difficult in Zambia to do business because the government have not put in place incentives to promote small entrepreneurs such as loans.

Lifuna, Lusaka, Zambia There are two major problems with business in Africa:Feb 01,  · Africa Business Report 5 - Kenya Airlines Safari & Climate - BBC News, recorded A monthly look at business across the continent.

The BBC talks to the people and businesses who are. 10 Interesting Facts About Rwanda (Number 9 Might Surprise You) According to the World Bank Group’s Doing Business Report, Rwanda is the best performing country in East and Central Africa and third easiest place to do business in Africa.

Ethiopian Airlines resumes flights to Somalia after 41 years - 18 hours ago WHO, UN ramp up security to contain Ebola outbreak in DRC - 18 hours ago African American Film Festival - 19 hours ago. In the new report, the BBC shows series of videos shared mainly by Anglophone activists.

some of which have been analysed by BBC Africa Eye,” BBC said before admitting that it was hard to verify the authenticity of the videos. Africa Business. FBOs, dedicated general aviation support facilities, and other business aviation opportunities on the continent are also making progress in East Africa, Joseph said.

“Tanzania, Rwanda and. A new platform bringing together airlines, airports, hotel and hospitality investors will be launched in Rwanda later this year. The inaugural AviaDev Africa forum on aviation route planning and development will be held as part of the prestigious Africa Hotel Investment Forum (AHIF), providing.

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