Argumentative essay on french revolution

If you are assigned to write a literary essay about the French revolution, you should know how to construct it properly.

Argumentative essay on french revolution

At first they are moderate in scope, then they become radical to excess and finally they are brought to abrupt conclusions by the emergence of a strong man to restore order.

The revolution, which lasted from toalso had far-reaching effects on the rest of Europe. However, it ended supreme rule by French kings and strengthened the middle class.

The revolution began with a government financial crisis but quickly became a movement of reform and violent change. In one of the early events, a crowd in Paris captured the Bastille, a royal fortress and hated symbol of oppression. A series of elected legislatures then took control of the government.

Thousands of others met the same fate in a period known as the Reign of Terror. The revolution ended when Napoleon Bonaparte, a French general, took over the government. At the beginning of the revolution, events seemed minor and proceeded in a logical fashion. One of the reasons the revolution originated was the discontent among the lower and middle classes in France.

By law, society was divided in to three groups called estates. The first estate was made of up clergy, nobles comprised the second and the rest of the citizens, the third estate. The third estate resented certain advantages of the first two estates. The clergy and nobles did not have to pay most taxes.

Many members of the middle class were also worried by their social status. They were among the most important people in French society but were not recognized as such because they belonged to the third estate. The States-General was made up of representatives of the three estates, and had last met in Unwillingly, the king called the meeting.

Argumentative essay on french revolution

The States-General opened on May 5,at Versailles. The first two estates wanted each estate to take up matters and vote on them separately by estate. The third estate had has many representatives as the other two combined. It insisted that all the estates be merged into one national assembly and that each representative had one vote.

The third estate also wanted the States-General to write a constitution. The king and the first two estates refused the demands of the third estate. In Junethe representatives of the third estate declared themselves the National Assembly of France.

But he began to gather troops around Paris to break up the Assembly. Meanwhile, the masses of France also took action. On July 14,a huge crowd of Parisians rushed to the Bastille. The people captured the Bastille and began to tear it down. Massive peasant uprisings were also occurring in the countryside.

The first stage had been a liberal middle-class reform movement based on a constitutional monarchy. The second stage was organized around principles of democracy.

The National Convention opened on September 21,and declared France a republic. The National Convention found him guilty of treasonand a slim majority voted for the death-penalty. The king was beheaded on the guillotine on January 21, The revolution gradually grew more radical-that is more open to extreme and violent change.

Radical leaders came into prominence. In the Convention, they were known as the mountain because they sat on the high benches at the rear of the hall during meetings. The Mountain dominated a powerful political club called the Jacobin Club.

In Junethe Convention arrested the leading Girondists. One of these supporters assassinated Marat in July The Convention declared a policy of terror against rebels, supporters of the king, and anyone else who publicly disagreed with official policy.

Courts handed down about 18, death sentences in what was called the Reign of Terror. Paris became accustomed to the rattle of two-wheeled carts called tumbrels as they carried people to the guillotine.French revolution related essay topics to write: English is a very rich and dynamic language.

People feel great excitement in learning the language if it is their first or the second language even. Napoleon And The French Revolution. The motivation forces of the French revolution were Liberty, Fraternity and Equity.

However, the mechanisms adopted to achieve these objectives were extreme. All students should write academic papers on different subjects. If you are assigned to write a literary essay about the French revolution, you should know how to construct it properly.

The main cause of this revolution was a dispute between social classes, and it was one of . At the start of the French revolution in the common French people united together to pursue their common goals. The Third Estate was a representative of the lower, middle and working class in the government, the First and Second Estates were delegates of the clergy and nobility.

French Revolution Essay. The French Revolution was an event of great importance in the world history. It pursued certain goals and even achieved some of them. No matter whether you are writing a French Revolution essay, a Civil War essay, or a heroism essay you should follow step-by-step instructions for planning, researching, outlining, and writing the final draft of your 5 paragraph essay.

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