An introduction to successful and unsuccessful packages

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An introduction to successful and unsuccessful packages

This mode can be useful when the user has already examined the message payload, possibly by means of a previous BROWSE dequeue.

Dequeue an Array of Messages When dequeuing messages from a queue, you can operate on an array of messages simultaneously, instead of one message at a time.

This can improve the performance of dequeue operations. If you are dequeuing from a transactional queue, you can dequeue all the messages for a transaction with a single call, which makes application programming easier.

When dequeuing an array of messages from a queue, each message shares the same dequeue options, but each message can have different An introduction to successful and unsuccessful packages properties.

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Array dequeuing is not supported for buffered messages in this release. Message States Multiple processes or operating system threads can use the same consumer name to dequeue concurrently from a queue. In that case Oracle Database Advanced Queuing provides the first unlocked message that is at the head of the queue and is intended for the consumer.

Unless the message identifier of a specific message is specified during dequeue, consumers can dequeue messages that are in the READY state.

An introduction to successful and unsuccessful packages

When a message has expired, it is moved to an exception queue. Expired messages from multiconsumer queues cannot be dequeued by the intended recipients of the message.

If the multiconsumer exception queue was created in a queue table with the compatible parameter set to 8. Queues created in a queue table with compatible set to 8. Oracle recommends that any new queues you create be 8. Beginning with Oracle Database Advanced Queuing release 8.

This allows dequeuers to complete the dequeue operation by not locking the message in the queue table. Because the queue monitor removes messages that have been processed by all consumers from multiconsumer queues approximately once every minute, users can see a delay between when the messages have been completely processed and when they are physically removed from the queue.

Navigation of Messages in Dequeuing You have several options for selecting a message from a queue. If the queue is enabled for transactional grouping, then the navigation options work in a slightly different way.

It sets the dequeue position to the first message of the next transaction. Transaction grouping has no effect if you dequeue by specifying a correlation identifier or message identifier, or if you dequeue some of the messages of a transaction and then commit.

If a zero wait time is specified, then you can get an exception when the end of the queue is reached. Waiting for Messages Oracle Database Advanced Queuing allows applications to block on one or more queues waiting for the arrival of either a newly enqueued message or a message that becomes ready.

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When there are messages for multiple agents in the agent list, LISTEN returns with the first agent for whom there is a message.

To prevent one agent from starving other agents for messages, the application can change the order of the agents in the agent list. Applications can optionally specify a timeout of zero or more seconds to indicate the time that Oracle Database Advanced Queuing must wait for the arrival of a message.

The default is to wait forever until a message arrives in the queue. If an application is waiting for the arrival of a message in a remote queue, then the Oracle Database Advanced Queuing propagator wakes up the blocked dequeuer after a message has been propagated.

Retries with Delays If the transaction dequeuing a message from a queue fails, then it is regarded as an unsuccessful attempt to consume the message. Oracle Database Advanced Queuing records the number of failed attempts to consume the message in the message history. In addition, Oracle Database Advanced Queuing allows the application to specify, at the queue level, the maximum number of retries for messages in the queue.

The default value for maximum retries is 5. If the number of failed attempts to remove a message exceeds this number, then the message is moved to the exception queue and is no longer available to applications.

A bad condition can cause the transaction receiving a message to end. After the retry delay, the failed message is again available for dequeue. The Oracle Database Advanced Queuing time manager enforces the retry delay property. The default value for retry delay is 0.The options for high availability can get confusing.

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