An argument in favor of giving homosexuals the rights and equality before the american law

Struggling to be released from the burden of debt to the Bank of England, the colonists established the Massachusetts Bay Company, printing its own home-grown paper money ina currency not backed by silver or gold. Bywith every colonial Royal Governor instructed to curtail the issue of colonial money, the British Resumption Act required that taxes be paid in gold. This caused a depression in the colonies - property was seized by the Royalists for one-tenth of its value. View Entire Story Here.

An argument in favor of giving homosexuals the rights and equality before the american law

I will write a similar article in the future refuting arguments against transsexual rights, but that will be a completely separate endeavor — Note In the following article, I will attempt to debunk all of the major anti-gay arguments which are commonly used to justify legalized bigotry.

Laws which discriminate against gay people in marriage, civil protections, and parenting rights are commonly proposed at the state level, particularly in the southern USA.

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Fortunately, the general trajectory of recent federal laws is towards greater equality, but we still have a good way to go before full equality is realized. Beforestates were allowed to ban gay sex. The Supreme Court case Lawrence v. Texas changed this and rendered all anti-sodomy laws unconstitutional.

By the end of9 states had legalized gay marriage.

An argument in favor of giving homosexuals the rights and equality before the american law

Current public opinion polls show that more Americans today support gay equality than discrimination—this distribution is far-improved from even a few years ago, when more people favored discrimination than equality. While there have been numerous advances in equality, discriminatory laws still exist in most states.

Currently, 41 have legal statutes in place banning gay marriage. Over the last few years, many states have gradually moved towards marriage equality, but this has been slow and there are still numerous state-level fights over gay rights.

I support gay equality for three simple reasons: Regardless of whether legalized discrimination is against a religious, racial, or sexual orientation minority, I will do my best to fight against it.

Whenever a group begins to be persecuted under the law, it sets a precedent that bigotry is acceptable and invites further attacks on minority groups. If you refuse to stand up when others are being unfairly persecuted, then you have no right to complain when it is you who is being persecuted and nobody comes to your aid.

The law should be based upon secular morality and logic, not age-old superstations and ignorant customs from the Stone Age. In order to combat bigotry, we must argue with the bigots and make coherent points to combat their rhetoric.

An argument in favor of giving homosexuals the rights and equality before the american law

While it is unlikely that we will ever sway the true-believers, the following arguments might be able to sway the marginal individuals who make up the undecided category—I would like to invite any reader to use the following refutations as their own.

As such, any attempts to ban homosexuality or deny homosexuals equal rights based upon the concept of religious sin are completely unconstitutional and wrongheaded.

Due to the highly subjective nature of the concept of sin, there is little point in arguing whether or not homosexuality is actually a sin—if a religion wants to call any action a sin under their doctrine, then that is their right.

To this end, they wrote the 1st Amendment to the constitution in order to prevent future generations from enshrining their personal religious ideals into the secular law.

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Many religions—particularly fundamentalist Christianity and Islam—have classified homosexuality as among their most severe sins. Such religious groups often put up extreme resistance to legal equality for homosexuals in societies which they have a strong influence.

In the United States, most of these anti-gay religious individuals are fundamentalist Christians. Homosexuality may be a religious sin, but it is not immoral and has no detrimental effect on society. There is simply no real secular justification for any legal discrimination against gays, and all attempts to discriminate against gays in the law can be traced back to bigotry and religious tenants.

Without a secular reason to pass laws discriminating against gays, we are left with the simple fact that anti-gay legislation is purely bigotry and has no place in the law. Unlike some countries ex. The second we accept bigotry against gays, we open the door to religious laws infiltrating further into our country and attacking our religious freedoms further.Exclusionary Equality and the Case for Same-Sex Families: A Reworking of Martha Fineman's Re-visioned Family Law advocates for same-sex families can formulate an original argument in favor of same-sex families.

The thrust of Fineman’s theory is that the state. Under the Fourteenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, all states must license a marriage between two people of the same sex and recognize such a marriage if .

Wilson, Ken, A Letter to My Congregation, David Crum Media, The relationship of homosexuality to Christianity is one of the main topics of discussion in our culture today.

In the fall of last year I wrote a review of books by Wesley Hill and Sam Allberry that take the historic Christian view. DOMINATED BY SEPHARDIC JEWISH BANKERS, the private Bank of England expanded its investments into North America largely through the Hudson Bay Company.

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The early American colonists of the 17th Century were beholden to the Bank of England’s Jewish owners. I think at one point they were expected to get marriage equality before the USA. 11) Taiwan. The votes appear to be there.

I expect this by the end of Equality on Trial's Case Timeline is the go-to place to find thorough, American Foundation for Equal Rights;. Recently Ken Silva of Apprising Ministries used the Jesus said it ain't okay argument from Matthew Here is his email to me and my response.


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